Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pure Beauty Jasmine Water BB Cream

Description: Jasmine Water BB Crean provides intensive moisture to skin with the help of fragrant jasmine water. It is also an excellent cover to make your skin look more radiant and healthy with a natural glow. Made in Korea. 
Pure Beauty Jasmine Water BB Cream
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've heard that the makers of PB and BRTC are one. I guess this is the generic counterpart of BRTC's. Interesting.

Anyway, I bought this out of curiosity at Watsons for 300 pesos only. Cheap noh?

Packaging: Personally, I prefer PB's packaging over the latter. It's cuter and squeezes just the right amount I need.

Color: Pink undertone! I believe I have yellow undertone although this suits my skin quite nicely. No whitish cast.

Texture: A bit thick. But not that thick. Somewhere in between.

Blend "ability": Can I say that it's hard to spread, easy to blend? Or just to be safe, manageable. I use my Elf foundation brush and a wedge sponge for an even, flawless application. It works well.

Coverage: Sheer - sheer medium; It can conceal minor redness, blemishes here and there. Then again, it's my opinion. It may work for you, but not for me.

Fragrance: Jasmine scent. If you find it too strong, don't worry the scent settles down a few hours or so. 

Oil Control: Poor. It's supposed to be a "hydrating" bb cream.

Finish: Clean, semi-dewy.

Pros: Cheap, Hydrates, Evens out skin

Cons: Poor oil control, Lack of shades

My overall review:

I never broke out, not once upon using the Pure Beauty Jasmine Water BB Cream for two months. My skin feels healthy and hydrated. It tends to cake when applied too much though. One major boo boo for me is the lack of shades. But for it's cheap price of 300 pesos for a 30 ml tube, I'm not complaining. :)


  1. Waa you're very pretty and you have flawless skin!!

  2. you look so cuute and pretty! thanks for the sweet compliment!
    i will try to review their concealer ^^
    i like how you do your review precise and concrete!
    thanks for sharing..
    keep blogging! would love to read more of your post~ i followed!
    let's keep in touch!

  3. Cute pic! It looks so nice on you! xX

  4. you look so pretty with it on!
    hope you can do more posts...

    just followed you..XD


  5. @ K: I don't have flawless skin :( But I wish I did. Thank you! >:D<

    @ Diane: Thank you Miss Dianee for you inspiring words! I hope you do a review on their concealer 'cause I'm super lemming on them. I heard James Cooper works the same as Ben Nye. :)

    @ Pink Orchids: Thank you sis =)) I don't like that it has one shade only tho. :(

    @ Louise: Thank youuu! I followed you back :) You're so cute :P i like your how to make cosplay earrings post btw

  6. i thinks i should try this one too :)

    followed you ^_^

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