Thursday, September 8, 2011

What is your acne telling you?

Remember Arizona Julie Theroux' saying?

"A person’s face is like an open book; you can read their entire personality profile."

Apparently, you can also find out what is wrong with your internal organs, just by looking at your pimples. Could this possibly be true? 

Here are two face maps for you to decide on.

Acne location and related possible problems: 

Location: Forehead
Possible problem: Heart and small intestine
Suggestion: Eat heat-dispelling foods such as lotus seeds soup to get rid of heat in the heart; have enough sleep, control your temper and maintain a good mood.

Location: Between the eyebrows
Possible problem: Heart
Suggestion: Avoid intense physical exercise and over-fatigue; maintain a good mood.

Location: Tail of brows
Possible problem: Gallbladder
Suggestion: Eat less greasy foods and have more heat-dispelling foods such as bitter cucumber.

Location: Nose
Possible problem: Stomach and digestive system
Suggestion: Eat less "hot" foods and more plain foods that can help dispel pathogenic heat such as green beans.

Location: Bridge of nose
Possible problem: Spinal column
Suggestion: Don't sit for too long; stretch your body often.

Location: Side of the nose wings and between the nose and mouth
Possible problem: Reproductive system
Suggestion: Check and treat the problem such as regulating menstrual period.

Location: Right cheek
Possible problem: Lungs and large intestine
Suggestion: Eat more foods that help nourish the lungs such as pear and white fungus; eat less seafood, tropical fruits and drink less alcohol.

Location: Left cheek
Possible problem: Liver and gallbladder
Suggestion: Eat less greasy foods and have more vegetables and fruit and have enough sleep.

Location: Corner of mouth
Possible problem: Intestines
Suggestion: Eat less "hot" foods and move bowels regularly.

Location: Chin
Possible problem: Kidney and internal secretion
Suggestion: Eat more plain foods than stimulating foods like spicy, fried or greasy ones. Take enough rest.

What Christine Says:

I usually have pimples on my t-zone area, indicating that I will/may have problems with my heart, kidney and liver. Although I already have lung and heart ailments. Coincidence much? ;)

Then again, it could contribute to my oily t-zone.

Whether this is true or not, it's always best to take good care of our body! Let us not just focus on physical appearance. What's the sense of admirable beauty when you're pale and sickly? Remember, health is wealth. :)
You may want to try following the suggestions.

I hope you guys find this information useful! 

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  1. Scary.. :( I had acne on both sides of cheeks, does it mean I had lung and kidney failure? :( :( :(

    Good thing Im sorta healing now

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Hope you add me to your blog roll

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  3. Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    Your blog is sooo cute!!!

    And this post was sooo informing! Thanks for that! I need a miracle creme for my acne... gosh soo annoying >.<

  4. thanks so much for commenting & following my blog. of course i follow you too:)
    your blog is soo cute!


  5. so informative and helpful :) i do believe this and it's true! i had breakouts on the tail of my brows and it indicates gall bladder problem.i agree! 'cause i had slight UTI then :) thanks for sharing! xo thanks for following dear! followed you back :D

  6. this is so informative!thanks for sharing, I ussually have acne on my left cheek! btw, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog =D I'm so curious about your friend that looked like me ^^and thanks for following my site, I'm following you back =D

  7. @ Beautifull - thank you :P
    @ K - I know right! It kinda bothered me too x(( maybe it could act like some kind of warning for you. :)
    @ Noniek - I agree with you. It turned out right for me too! =(
    @ Lin - Aww you're welcome >:D< Lol with the crazy weather, the pollution and etc it's hard to stay acne free. Maintenance is expensive too! :(
    @ Rosecandle11 - thank you :)
    @ Locke - I'm starting to think this is 100% true. thank you=)
    @ Lina Kim - Thank youuu! :)) I love your blog, btw. Yeah you two look alike!! I'll show you sometime :)

  8. Thanks for this sweety, everything i read makes sense, i've been getting pimples in certain areas and judging from what i read, it really does reflect upon the food i've been eating, no more junk food for me!!
    And thanks for your comment Christine, it made me laugh so much!! I agree, Avon supershock has really lived up to its name for the wrong reasons!!
    I've followed you back, look forward to reading more of your posts! xX

  9. OMG! Heart and kidney. This is so informative sis, i think i need to slim down with fats and chips. thanks sis.

  10. @ Pink orchids: We are, what we eat. I tried following the advices and it worked for me! I cut eating oily food and all that. Surprisingly, my pimples were cut back in numbers too. :P Lol haha i hate eyeliners. They smudge and make me look punched. Especially supershock. :( thank you!!

    @ Sweethestia: >:D< welcome! :)

  11. this was great information i have been looking for an answer like this for ages and i finally found it i have combination skin so i only get it on the forehead every where on the nose and on my chin so technically the T zone thanks so much! now to regain confidence pick up my eating habit and start a new life for the year of 2012.. even no it started already! thank you

  12. I've had acne on my forehead for as long as I can remember. Thanks to this, now I know why. I've been suffering from a heart ailment since birth. Can't believe it has to damage my face too. T.T

    Pastel Kisses,
    Sie Cajilig