Saturday, October 3, 2015

Boe Beauty Matte Lip Cream

I got this from my mom since she didn't like the color. It's a gift from my mom's friend in Australia who came here to visit.

And just like a lip gloss, it comes in a doe foot applicator which is probably unhygienic for some.

The shade reminds me of the famous Nyx Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa. As you can see it is very pigmented and has fine shimmers. I've had my share of glittery "lippies" and the specks are so itchy that I end up with bee stung lips.  Warning: Never ever use craft store glitter for your eyes and cheeks, they are cut sharper and can damage your eyes. The texture is buttery. It glides smoothly upon application. The formula is okay for me. It goes on matte, yet it is quite forgiving on the lips as it is enriched with Vitamin E - no dryness, minimal clumping. 

Decent formula, non drying
Leaves a sheer pink tint
Decent staying power
Travel friendly

Not Matte
Not available in the Philippines

Rating: 4/5